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FFNV Not-adjustable friction torque limiter with overrunning clutch for not-CE drivelines

Friction clutches with incorporated overrunning clutch are generally used on implements with high inertia (i.e. those with flywheels or other heavy rotating masses). These implements include mower conditioners and square balers. During overloads, due to abrupt starting or blockages, the torque transmitted can be limited by the slipping of a friction clutch. Possible inverse torques, generated during sudden deceleration or stopping, will be eliminated by an overrunning clutch.

PTO Drive Shafts
Size Devices Setting
S6 1200 ÷ 1600
S7 1200 ÷ 1800
S8 1350 ÷ 2400
H8 1450 ÷ 2600
S9 1800 ÷ 2600
SH 2200 ÷ 2800
S0 2200 ÷ 2800

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