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SSV-D: The First Real Adjustable Progressive Metering Device


The renowned SSV progressive metering device from Lincoln is now available in a new innovative “D” version with flexible metering. Every outlet pair of the SSV-D metering device can now be individually adjusted. The metering occurs within the metering device via metering screws that are available in eight different sizes. As expected, one or more outlet pairs of the metering device can still be internally combined to achieve even greater lubricant metering possibilities.

System Features

Adjustable SSV-D metering devices are available in the standard sizes SSV-D 6 to SSV-D 22 with 6 to 22 outlets. The ten different metering screws range in size from 0.08 cm3 to 1.8 cm3.

SSV-D metering devices are manufactured in the same style as the SSV, which incorporates the single-block design. As a result, they are extremely resistant to external influences and loads of the machine to be lubricated. Leakages, which may occur between separate metering device segments, are thus eliminated with this design.

Our product flyer pertaining to SSV D is available here.

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