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MOS / MOP 212 and MGP 101

Mechanical Oil and Grease Lubrication System - The Tandem Pump Especially for Balers


In addition to the MOS 212 mechanically driven oil lubrication system, Lincoln now offers an additional optional mechanical grease pump MGP 101. With this tandem system chains on agriculture equipment such as balers can be supplied with oil and simultaneously bearings with grease.

MOS / MOP 212

The MOS 212 oil lubrication system comprises a mechanically operated oil pump MOP 212 with up to 12 pump elements that with metering rings, have 3 different output sizes. A lubrication line (Ø 4 mm) is connected directly from each pump element to the drive chain that requires lubrication.

The oil is applied with brushes or felt pads. The felt pads are especially advantageous for applying the oil to the entire chain. Simultaneously, dirt particles are scrapped off the chain resulting in a more effective lubrication.

MGP 101

The MGP 101 grease pump can be mounted to a MOP 212 oil pump, and driven by its mechanical drive. The MGP 101 can also be used independently as a grease pump with a max rpm of 20. The MGP 101 encompasses a K7 pump element and it can be equipped with downstream metering devices such as the SSV progressive metering device. The pump uses 150/310g lubricant cartridges or standard 400g cartridges in a steel or transparent plastic tube. The result is a type of tandem pump for both oil and grease.

Click here for download of MOS/MOP 212 and MGP 101 flyer.

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