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PTL 201 – Compact Pneumatically Driven Lubrication Pump

For the continuous lubrication of small pneumatically operated machines


The PTL 201 pneumatically driven lubrication pump is especially designed to minimize friction and reduce wear on pneumatically operated machines used in all industries. The PTL 201 offers the ideal solution for the automated central lubrication of machines that are otherwise cumbersome to lubricate by hand. In addition, for machines with small lubricant requirements, it provides an economical alternative to larger pneumatic pumps. The small quantities of lubricant are adjustable starting at 0.14 cm3 /min, and the factory setting is 2.8 cm3 /min, which equates to 20 strokes per minute.

The PTL 201 is very compact (length 183mm x width 80mm x height 80mm – plus the dimensions of the cartridge) and can therefore be installed on almost all machine types – even on those small machine series where there just doesn’t seem to be any space.

The pump is driven by the pneumatic system of the machine. The PTL 201 enables a continuous lubricant supply with small quantities while the machine is operating.

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