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Air-oil Lubrication Systems

Advantages of Air-oil

• Reduced lubricant consumption:
Reduction up to 1/100th of the quantity when compared to grease lubrication
• Continuous supply with fresh oil
• Increased bearing lifespan
• Positive pressure sealing of the bearing against contamination (water, dirt)
• Drastic reduction in maintenance costs; no cleaning of grease during bearing inspection
• No grease contamination of equipment, the working area and cooling water
• No misting of oil
• Environmentally friendly by simple disposal methods
• Oil and scale can individually be disposed of (clean separation)

Advantages of Air-oil

Function Principal Air-oil Lubrication

An oil pump supplies a progressive or a single-line metering device with oil. The metered quantities of oil from the metering device are supplied to a mixing block that is connected to the compressed air network. The oil droplets in the line to the bearing are pulled apart in streaks by the flow of air. The airflow in the middle of the tube transports the oil along the inner wall of the tube. The carrier compressed air exits the bearing and simultaneously assists in sealing the bearing. No oil mist develops. A continuous, minuscule amount of oil enters the bearing.

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