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Chain Lubrication

Careful and efficient automated lubrication is a prerequisite for optimum functioning and an extended chain life.

Modern automated chain lubrication systems apply precisely metered quantities of lubricant to the chain, exactly where it is needed – while the chain is in operation. Proper metering keeps the lubricant quantity to a minimum, yet ensures sufficient amounts, thus reducing the impact on your budget and, of course, the environment!

Lincoln systems minimize chain wear and noise levels. The life span of chains can often be increased by ten times and more.

Find out more in our brochure Chain Lubrication.


Single-line oil system with electrical or mechanical drive - for few, so moving chains. Also suitable for mobile equipment.

Quicklub For Chains

Progressive system – for slow moving, small chains. Also suitable for mobile equipment.

Contact lubrication

For conveyor chains in rough environments. Cleans, guides and lubricates in one sweep.


CCentralized lubrication system - for chains and chain groups of machines

PMA2 Solenoid Pump

Contact-free oil lubrication for fast moving chains - (airless oil lubrication – without compressed air)


Minimal quantity oil spray system – for extremely fast moving chains More information about Lincoln's oil lubrication system for critical industrial applications:

Cobra 1X

for the lubrication of heavy-duty chain rollers with grease or oil High-tech Solenoid pump for contact-free oil lubrication