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Cobra 1X

Lubricates the Inner Rollers & Studs of Heavy-duty Chains with Grease or Oil

Application Area

The enhanced Cobra 1X from Lincoln’s chain lubrication range is particularly suitable for conveyor chains and conveyor lines, in which the inner roller and stud of the chain are lubricated while the chain is in operation. The system can supply either NLGI class 2 grease or oil.

System Features

A new drive technology, which is a combination of a pneumatic and mechanical drive, as well as a newly designed lubrication head, provides two key advantages:
· The load subjected to the chain is substantially lower
· A higher maximum lubricant pressure of up to 150 bar is possible

The newly designed lubrication head enables an exact metering from 0.2 cm⊃ to 2 cm⊃ per lubrication cycle, and the adjusting screw permits infinite metering adjusting within this range. Visual monitoring of the lubrication head function is performed via the movement of an indicator pin.

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