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Minimal Quantity Oil Spray System – for Extreme Fast Moving Chains

Application Area

The ORSCO spray system covers the entire oil lubrication range from slow to fast moving chains. It is, however, especially ideal for the lubrication of extreme fast moving chains or for critical applications such as found in the food & beverage industry, or for integrate assembly procedures.
The ORSCO spray system operates exceptionally effectively and economically because it uses a pneumatically operated injector that is capable of supplying minute quantities of oil - for example &frac; a drop (0.015 cm3) per stroke.
The system combines oil and spray air in a special mixing chamber. The compressed air acts merely as a transport medium to carry the minute oil quantity to the point of lubrication (not an oil-mist lubrication).

System Features

The pump is capable of trouble-free lubrication of fast moving chains – maximum 5 cycles per second.
A single pump can supply 1 to 6 oil squirt nozzles. The metered quantity of oil per cycle is either 30 mm3 or 60 mm3. Double-nozzles are also available which further increase the number of points served by the pump.
The drive magnet is characterized by its high performance and long duty-cycle, thus enabling a reliable operation of the pump in extreme conditions.

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