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Automatic Air Driven Grease Gun

Grease Gun Model 1162 with variable output!

Lincoln's new 1162 is a fully automatic compressed air driven grease gun that is distinguished by its ergonomic design, sturdy construction and it is exceptionally equipped.

The automatic 1162 grease gun was developed for manual lubrication tasks requiring NLGI # 2 grease. The 1162 can be used all over where compressed air is available. Its high output performance makes it even suitable for filling tasks.


The grease gun delivers continuously with just a pull of the trigger.

Variable Output

special feature of the 1162 is its trigger that incorporates a throttle for the infinitely adjustable speed. This gives you absolute control over the output.
- Completely pull the trigger for high performance or slightly depress it for controlled lubrication.

Improved Priming

A newly designed pump head drastically improves the priming and suction of the grease gun. Insufficient suction caused by air pockets - which has typically been a problem with air driven grease guns - is avoided.

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