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Grease Guns

Lubrication Equipment for Manual Lubrication.

Grease guns are widely used where lubrication points require periodic greasing or where, for technical reasons, lubrication points can not be connected to an automated lubrication system.
Lincoln offers a wide range of rugged lubrication equipment for manual lubrication – from hand operated grease guns to battery or pneumatically operated ones. Our lubrication equipment has proven itself in rigorous construction and agriculture conditions as well as in the general industry or for the DIY home-worker.

PowerLuber 12 V - Cordless Grease Gun

This hand-held lubrication tool is easy-to-use, fast, powerful, and versatile. This is the first lightweight (only 3.4 kg with battery), cordless battery-powered grease gun...

PowerLuber 14 V - Cordless Grease Gun

Lincoln's new, heavy-duty 14.4 / 1700mAh Volt PowerLuber gives you the power to lubricate just about anything, anytime, anywhere.

Patented CLR Grease Gun

A transparent and resilient grease tube ensures that it is always clear to the user what type of grease or grease cartridge is in the gun.

Manual Grease Guns

Sturdy design for the professional user that relies on a dependable lubrication device. Lincoln grease guns can operate with 400g...

Automatic Air Driven Grease Gun

Lincoln's new 1162 is a fully automatic compressed air driven grease gun that is distinguished by its ergonomic design, sturdy construction...

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