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FlowMaster Pumps


FlowMaster pumps are designed for the supply of lubricants, primarily as grease pumps in single-line, progressive and two-line systems. Used for example on mobile equipment with hydraulic system or 24 VDC supply. The pump is ideal for low temperatures, especially where the use of pneumatic pumps is critical.

System Features

FlowMaster pumps are double-acting, piston pumps with a unique rotary drive.
Drive – hydraulic or 24VDC
The innovative design transforms rotary motion into oscillating motion which drives the pump tube. The output of the pump is proportional to the speed of the drive, and speed is controlled by the hydraulic flow, or via an integrated potentiometer in the case of the 24 VDC version.
High working pressure of 345 bar
Reliable delivery of NLGI 2 greases – even at low temperatures

FlowMaster Pumps with Hydraulic Motor


FlowMaster pumps with hydraulic drive incorporate a control manifold with a 24 volt solenoid valve.
The picture shows the FlowMaster with a sealed container for Centro-Matic single-line systems

FlowMaster Pumps with 24 VDC Motor


FlowMaster pumps with 24 VDC drive are available with various gear drives.
The picture shows a FlowMaster with a sealed container for Centro-Matic single-line systems
Ask us about FlowMaster pumps for various drum sizes or with individually sized sealed containers.
More under FlowMaster-Flyer.

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