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Centralized Lubrication for Linear Guides

Minimal Quantity Oil Spray System – for Extreme Fast Moving Chains

Application Area

A large portion of industrial movements are linear. This includes, for example, the transportation of components within an area, or the feeding of tools to the work-piece - or vice versa. Such guiding systems must be supplied regularly and evenly with an optimal amount of lubricant. Usually the manufacturers of linear guides will indicate in their data sheets at what interval lubricant should be supplied to the linear guide carrier.

Lincoln progressive systems, comprising SSVM, SSV and SSVD series lubricant metering devices and the appropriate pumping system, offer the ideal solution. Progressive lubrication systems offer the possibility to connect all lubrication points of a linear guide system - including the drive - to a single lubrication point. Thus, one centrally located lubrication point supplies the assembly with a synchronized and even amount of lubricant. The range of the usable lubricants spans from oil starting at 40Cst up to NLGI class 2 grease.

Centralized Lubrication for Linear Guides

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